Cheese Whizard Pop-Up

For my senior thesis project I proposed for myself to continue my abandoned animation pitch from high school “Cheese Whizard” through the form of a pop-up shop/solo art gallery. I also designed and sold items such as stationary, stickers and clothes.


Cheese Whizard Animation

A animation that I made for the gallery that was originally 2:30 long but after hospitalization had to be cut down to 1:33 due to time constraints.

I wanted to be able to highlight some of the plot points that Cheese Whizard would eventually touch on and also the character dynamics between the main four.

Cheese Whizard - Mochi Merchant - Hotdog Hero - Bread Bard



Pieces of Cheese Whizard that I’ve made over the years that were featured at the show. Most were done in a range of Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai and Clip Paint Studio. You can notice over the years that Cheese Whizard’s design consistently changes as I change as well.


“Cheese Whizard is a story about identity, self-confidence and friendship.”

Cheese Whiz FB.png


I also handmade and designed letter sets (stationary paper and envelopes), stickers and t-shirts that were for sell at the closing reception.


Stationary Design

Along with the standard Cheese Whizard stickers I had designed I wanted to make a product that I purchase in my free time: letter sets.

Left: “Letters Home”

Right: “Fondue”


T-Shirt Designs

All T-shirts were hand pressed and weeded through vinyl and love.

Left: “All Together Now” The goal behind this shirt was to showcase the Cheese Whizard main cast in a simple and doodle style.

Right: “Cheese Dust” Previously I had never designed a long sleeve pocket design before so I wanted to incorporate the pocket to the design. Here we have Cheese Whizard’s familiar Ched flying out of the shirt pocket.