Reducing the use of PET bottles.

Japan is one of the top contributors of plastic bottle waste in the world. The Sustainable Japan campaign aims to introduce eco friendly lifestyles to the Japanese public.

During my internship with ImageMill I was tasked with making a instagram video for the Sustainable Japan instagram under the supervision of Pascal (the head motion designer).

Mills' Animated Cultural Stories

A animated pitch I did for a project that included taking student of color stories and putting them to animation.

This was my first experience in animating in Photoshop,


For Fun

Palette Music Video Remake

Every term my roommates and I get together to remake a Korean pop music video in the most stupid way possible.

This was also the year we learned that our university had a camera studio. lol. Edited in 2 hours.

This year we chose IU's Palette.

Camera: Gina Tran

Editing: Summer Nguyen